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Referess Guidance

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Marine Life Science & Technology (MLST) appreciates every reviewer’s contribution to our journal all the time. All the review reports from peer-reviewers are meaningful and valuable for us, therefore when you set about handling with a manuscript, please check the following aspects:

i) Make sure that you have enough time,
ii) Make sure that your expertise covers the manuscript you have been invited to review,
iii) Make sure that you have no potential conflict interest with the manuscript,
iv) Make sure that you can deal with the reviewing job carefully and manage deadlines.

When you are preparing your review report, please make sure that:

1.The highly appreciated remarks include the scientific significance of the study, the soundness of techniques used, the appropriateness of statistical designing and analysis among others. Inclusion of substantive arguments supported by concrete facts will strongly influence how the Editors value and use your input.

2.Good presentation and nice readability are necessary for an excellent article, but not sufficient. It is the qualities of an article that will influence the research activities of many readers. Take the following questions into consideration during your reviewing process:

a) Does this article fall into MLST’s scopes?
b) Does the introduction convey the basic scientific issues addressed and the primary achievements?
c) Is this article fluent?
d) Are the references sufficient?
e) Are the assumptions clearly stated?
f ) Is the jargon minimized?
g) Do the title and abstract stand alone?
h) Are tables and figures effectively presented?

To get more suggestions and guidance, the author can refer further information to http://mchelp.manuscriptcentral.com/gethelpnow/training/reviewer/

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