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Manuscript Review Flow

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New manuscript submission (by Authors)

Manuscript plagiarism & technical check (by Managing Editor, 1 day)

First editorial review and Editor assignment (by Section Editor, 2 days)

(go into peer review/rejected/returned for amendment)

Reviewers selection & invitation (by an assigned Editor, 6 days)

Peer review (by at least two Reviewers, 14 days)

Reviewers’ comment are sent to Authors (by the assigned Editor, 3 days)

accepted/minor revision/major revision/rejected

Revision submitted by Authors (minor revision within 14 days, major revision within 60 days)

Revision technical check (by Managing Editor, 1 day)

Resent for review (by the assigned Editor, 3 days)

Re-peer review (by Reviewers, 7 days)

(re-peer review/accepted/rejected)

Integrate Reviewers’ comments sent back to Section Editor (by the assigned Editor, 2 days)

A decision is made (by Section Editor, 3 days)

EIC’s final decision is sent to the Authors (by Editorial Office, 3 days)

Language polishing is provided for accepted manuscripts (by Section Language Editor, 14 days)

The Authors’ agreement is requested (by Managing Editor, 4 days)

Production process (by Managing Editor and Production Editor)

Article published online

Our aim is to transfer your manuscript to Reviewers within 10 days, return a primary decision within 60 days, and place accepted manuscripts online within 100 days.

Notes: The above workflow describes the typical manuscript publication process of our journal. In some cases, additional editorial reviews, peer reviews, and manuscript revisions may be required.

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