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Prof. Weibo Song (EIC of MLST) met with prof. Yong Chen

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On September 18th, 2019, prof. Weibo Song (EIC of Marine Life Science & Technology, MLST) met with prof. Yong Chen (Editorial Board member of MLST) from the University of Maine. The Deputy Editor of MLST, prof. Xiao-Hua Zhang, the Section Editor of Fisheries Science, prof. Gen He and the editorial office staff also attended the meeting.

Prof. Yong Chen (EIC of Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, CJFAS) gave a wonderful report about how an outstanding international academic journal operates fluently from the perspective of an Editor-in-Chief. He introduced the history and operation status of CJFAS, and shared some valued experience.

Prof. Weibo Song, Xiao-Hua Zhang and Gen He all appreciated his help and had an energetic discussion about how to increase international manuscripts, circulate MLST in the international academic society, and make an application to be indexed by databases. Prof. Yong Chen promised to make more contributions about manuscripts and to help us to improve the influence of MLST in the future.

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