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Call for Papers

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Marine Life Science & Technology (MLST) is a new, international, English-based journal that provides a platform for the presentation of new discoveries and theories associated with marine organisms, bioresources, and biotechnology. We cordially invite you to submit a manuscript for our inaugural issue (November, 2019). We also would appreciate it if you would circulate this announcement to the faculty members, researchers, and postgraduate students at your institute, encouraging their participation/submission of papers.

MLST will employ single-blind peer reviewing with a rapid processing time, facilitated by an international Editorial Board with diverse expertise. To ensure the quality of publications we will offer a free editorial service to improve your manuscripts prior to proofing stage. Also, to disseminate your research and improve its impact we will support open access of your publications during our first three years. Finally, we will provide generous rewards for soliciting contributions and high-quality submissions. Consequently, we aim to ensure that manuscripts published in MLST will receive high publicity and have substantial applied and academic impact.

Important Dates:

Decision-making Within 60 days
First article online 15, July 2019
Print date 30, November 2019
Date for Papers Submission Any day of the year
Key Information
Editor-in-Chief Weibo Song
Executive Deputy Editor Xiao-Hua Zhang
Sponsors Ocean University of China
Pilot National Laboratory for Marine Science
and Technology
Publishers Springer Nature
China Ocean University Press
Frequency of Publication Quarterly
Members of the Editorial Board Eighty four

Scope of Journal

MLST will publish original research papers across a broad range of marine life sciences and technologies with an emphasis on synergistic interactions of multiple disciplines. Submission of theoretical and practical manuscripts are welcome. MLST will cover the findings of both laboratory and field experimental studies associated with marine life science and technology. We will also encourage focused reviews, views and comments, and short communications. Moreover, as our approach is to foster multidisciplinary approaches to marine sciences, authors are encouraged to emphasize the relevance of their works to our key-disciplines.

MLST covers but not limited to the following topics:

Basic Biology: including biodiversity, development and evolution, genetics, reproductive biology, biochemistry, cell biology, omics and bioinformatics, epigenetics, stem cell biology, physiology and immunology, zoology, phycology, and microbiology.

Fisheries Science: including marine fish biology, early life history, feeding and trophic dynamics, stock assessment, recruitment and reproduction, fisheries management, aquaculture engineering, stocking and enhancement technologies, aquatic breeding, aquafeeds, and aquatic disease.

Marine Drugs and Bioproducts: including marine medicinal bioresources, bioactive natural products, pharmacology, lead compounds, drugs, and bioproducts.

Food Science: including marine food chemistry, food nutrition, food processing and storage, food biotechnology, food safety, and food microbiology.

Biological Oceanography: including marine plankton and benthic biology, microbial oceanology, fisheries oceanography, marine ecology, and food web dynamics.

Submission & Review Policy

Contributors are encouraged to submit the manuscripts online to ScholarOne Manuscript System (https://mc03.manuscriptcentral.com/mlst). An early submission will get preference in case of review and publication process. The accepted manuscript will then be published online in advance, with an assigned DOI number. Authors are advised to follow the ‘Author Guidelines’ as listed at the journal’s website. The entire review process will take 4 to 6 weeks.
For more information, please visit our website http://mlst.ouc.edu.cn.

Editorial MLST

Marine Life Science & Technology (MLST)
Office address: No.238 Songling Road, Qingdao, Shandong Province, China
Website: http://mlst.ouc.edu.cn.
Email: mlst@ouc.edu.cn
Telephone: +86 532 66782213; +86 532 66782235
Fax: +86 532 66782235

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